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With its vitrolite tiling

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With its vitrolite tiling, clearing roundabout corridor and propelled advancements, for example, channeled music and brought together vacuum cleaning, the 1930s production of material beneficiary Stephen Courtauld and his wife Virginia might be English Heritage's most grand twentieth-century show-stopper however Eltham Palace has a history going back almost a thousand years. 
Initially conceded to Odo, William the Conqueror's relative, this was a vital regal living arrangement all through a great part of the Middle Ages and, regardless of its stunning workmanship deco prospers, it is still actually part of the Crown Estate. In 1305 it was given to the future Edward II, the main ever Prince of Wales on the off chance that one rebates a modest bunch of Welsh warlords (who embraced the title in before hundreds of years without the power or authorization of the English Crown). His ruler, Isabella, invested quite a bit of her energy at Eltham Palace alongside their child (the future Edward III) and records demonstrate that by 1359 as much as £2,000 had been spent on upgrades, an astounding total for the time. For some time the representative of works was Geoffrey Chaucer, and enhancements kept on being completed here until well into the sixteenth century. As this proposes, medieval Eltham was, and to some extent remains, a uniquely noteworthy spot, with an inward court for the ruler, his family and nearest relates and an external one for the functionaries and those accused of looking after security. Famously expected to be the place Edward III established the 'Request of the Blue Garter' - today's Most Noble Order of the Garter - it is additionally where King John II of France was gotten subsequent to being caught and conveyed to England. Henry VIII spent quite a bit of his youth here as well, despite the fact that his little girl Elizabeth was never more than an infrequent guest and from that point Eltham appears to have dropped out of support. 
Answered to be 'much out of repair' when of Charles I's execution it was sold to an officer of the Parliamentarian armed force who started to crush it and passed on abandoning a ruin. Luckily the immense corridor survived, but as an animal dwellingplace, its most noteworthy element being an incomprehensible medieval hammerbeam rooftop. London's biggest extraordinary lobby - aside from Westminster Hall, which has the biggest medieval wooden rooftop anyplace in Europe - this is of such quality that in the 1820s Sir Jeffry Wyattville considered evacuating it to use as a major aspect of his expansions to Windsor Castle. 
Having had such a close shave it appears to be exceptional now that a century later the powers were cheerful to rent it to an affluent couple, knowing they had arrangements to amplify and adjust such a clearly vital building. All things considered, the Courtaulds' new house is an obvious triumph, apparently the best nation house inside of the period anyplace in England, and given the destiny of such a variety of other medieval structures in and around London their residency of Eltham Palace may well have spared one of only a handful couple of not too bad common structures we have cleared out.